The optimal time to plant buffalograss is between the late spring and mid-summer months. A true prairie grass possessing good heat and drought tolerances, buffalograss is mostly established through vegetative plant parts but can be grown from seeds collected from females. Buffalograss is a fine-textured grass forming a dense light green turf. It is not tolerant to sandy soils, salty soils or too much shade.

Because it doesn’t require large amounts of nitrogen or water, buffalograss is optimal for low-maintenance lawns at elevations ranging from 2500 ft to 7000 ft. Buffalograss can be cut at 1 ½-inches if watered well; otherwise, mow at 2 ½-inches to 3 inches during summer months.

Ok, now that you have chosen your grass seed, take a look at the Planting Grass Seed page for detailed instructions on how to prepare your seed bed and plant your grass seed

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