Planting Grass Seed in Georgia

by Dallas Piscopo

Georgia’s climate and geography is widely diverse and a grass species that grows well in the southern part of the state may not survive winter in the mountainous areas. Conversely, cool-season grasses are suited well to the hot, humid conditions of the Coastal Plain area. Choose the correct grass seed type that is suited for your specific region.

Below are some of the most common grasses planted in Georgia…

Cool-Season Grasses (60 – 75 degrees F)

  • Tall Fescue – most popular grass in the mountain and upper piedmont areas
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – many varieties that grow well in the upper piedmont region.
  • Perennial Ryegrass – best used to over-seed warm-season grass (bermuda) in the fall.

Warm-Season Grasses (80 – 95 degrees F)

  • Bermudagrass – adapted to be grown in the entire state.
  • Carpetgrass – central and southern regions.
  • Centipedegrass – ideal grass for homeowner who wants a fairly nice looking lawn without having to keep up with a bunch of maintenance.
  • Zoysia Grass – most varieties adapted for entire state. Looks nice when established but establishes slowly.
  • St. Augustinegrass – most shade tolerant grass warm-season grasses and grows well in most areas except for the upper northern regions.

Click on one of the grasses for planting details and then visit the Planting Grass Seed page for detailed instructions on how to correctly prepare your soil and plant your grass seed for your lawn. 

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