Planting Grass Seed in Nevada

by Dallas Piscopo

Cool-Season Grasses

In the northern areas of Nevada where the climate can be much cooler, a fine fescue and a Kentucky bluegrass blend can be an excellent choice if managed correctly. A lawn such as this may require a little more maintenance but will be sure to deliver a beautiful green lawn.  Perennial rye grass can also make an attractive lawn for northern area of Nevada. If planting a cool-season grass, best time to do so will be between September 5th and October 10th.

Warm-Season Grasses

Towards the south near and around the Las Vegas area, bermuda grass is used on most lawns. Bermuda grass will provide a lush green lawn during the warmer months but if a year-round green grass surface is what you want, you can easily over-seed your bermuda lawn with perennial rye grass in the fall.

Another warm-season grass that can deliver a dense lawn during the warmer climate is zoysia grass. However, unlike bermuda grass, zoysia grass cannot be easily over-seeded with a cool-season grass and will turn brown during colder temperatures.

Warm-season grasses are best established when planted in the late spring or early summer.

Although it may get fairly cold in and around the Las Vegas area during the winter months, it is recommended to plant bermuda grass for your lawn and over-seed in the fall with perennial rye grass. This is the best way to maintain a continuous green lawn.

On a personal note, I worked on a golf course just north of Las Vegas where perennial rye grass was planted in the rough. Although rye grass would grow quite well during the cooler weather, it was a disaster trying to keep it alive during the hot summer months and we eventually lost a lot of grass due to disease and heat stress. Leave the cool-season grasses to be planted in the northern regions of Nevada but most definitely utilize them for over-seeding in the fall.

Visit the Planting Grass Seed page for detailed instructions on how to correctly plant these grass varieties mentioned above!

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