Planting Grass Seed in Tennessee

by Dallas Piscopo

Some of the primary grass seed types recommended to be planted in Tennessee are…

Planting grass seed inTennessee should be done between August 15 and October 1 if planting one of the cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, perennial rye grass, or tall fescue. Seeding in late summer/early fall provides warm soils, cool temperatures, and autumn rains that create a good environment for seed germination. Cool-season grasses can be established in the spring and early summer but you will have a problem with weeds taking over your lawn. Avoid it if possible. Planting grass in late summer or early fall will produce the thicker, denser grass lawn. Lawns seeded within a week of Labor Day are more likely to fill in completely for winter and produce a thicker turf appearance for the following spring compared to lawns seeded in late fall.

When planting warm-season grasses like, zoysia grass, bermuda grass, or centipede grass, establishment is best achieved when done in the late spring through early to mid summer.

Click on one of the grasses for information on planting details and then visit the Planting Grass Seed page for detailed instructions on how to correctly prepare your soil and your grass seed for your lawn.  

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